Rules & Regulation

  1. Within the territory of Indian dominion sum Rs. 3, 50,00 (Three Lac Fifty Thousand) only to deposited either by the sole negotiator to the company security deposit.
  2. Within 24 hours after the deposition the company will sent the tester to the post.
  3. After reaching the opot the tester shall be provided with Bond No.
  4. Without Bond issued by the company tester will never be entitled to examine and checkup the material or materials.
  5. No transaction regarding liquid money or otherwise will be made at the post.
  6. During the period of examination or testing the tester will not be allowed to take anything from the owner such as breakfast, dinner etc. Even he will not take with anybody except the sole Proprietor or Negotiator.
  7. The owner or Negotiator shall not asked any question to the tester regarding the actual price of the material.
  8. Only the Negotiator or owner shall be allowed to make correspondence with the company.
  9. The Bond issued by the company will remain valid for 24 hours, from the schedule time when the material is supposed to be placed for examination.
  10. Tester will examine the material free hand.
  11. If the material is found O.K. after proper testing a sum of Rs. 5 Cr. To be paid by the company within 3 hours after the time of information if the spot situates within the metropolitan city other than that payment to be made within 6 hours.
  12. That the 2nd day 50% of that total consideration to be paid by the company and the 3rd day remaining balance to be paid in full through Bank to Bank.
  13. Liquid money to be paid by the company as directed by the owner or negotiator to the various suitable spots.
  14. The income Tex file of the parties shall be arranged by the company within 9 days from the date of full and final payment and in such case the Income tex payees will be bound to furnished their respective documents such as Ration Card, Voter Identity Card, Residential certificate, Stamp size recent 7 copies of photograph.
  15. When the company will initially pay a sum of Rs. 5Cr. On the 1st day the material will remain under the joint custody and the security to be arranged by the company at its own cost, expenses and charges.
  16. The company reserve the right to charge to after any terms and conditions as and when necessary.
  17. The owner or negotiator or any of their men will not be permitted to store or use any inflammable, combustible or alcoholic drug which may cause nuisance, annoyance or danger to those men who will be there.
  18. The item, upon which the bond is issued, will be applicable only for the same.
  19. If the party egars to receive spot payment more then 5 Cr. Henceforth the security deposit will be double.
  20. All the other rules and regulations not specially mentioned herein before the law of Indian Company`s Act. 1956 shall apply mutatis-mutandis.