Tests For Rice Pullers

...... for common people like us........

It is very important to protect the Rice Puller so that its power does not go away. You may follow these simple steps to safely pack and store your RP:

  • If your RP is small, it is relatively safer to pack and carry it. If it is a large item, you have to be very careful in handling it. The best thing to do is to let the RP remain where it is and we will take care of it when we come to test and buy it.
  • If your RP is small (coin, etc..), take a big soap used in washing clothes, and cut the soap in half.
    *make a hole so that the RP can fit inside easily
    *then put the RP inside and bring the 2 soap pieces together
  • wrap it in carbon paper with the carbon side facing down (inside)
  • wrap it in another carbon paper facing up (outside)
  • wrap it in another carbon paper facing down (inside)
  • repeat the above a few times
  • warp a soft & thick plastic sheet (polythene) around the above
  • warp it with white sticking tape used by doctors
  • now warp it several times in rubber tyre tube used in cycle/cars/truck (depending on size)
  • place this packed piece on a plain wooden surface and sprinkle lots of untested basmati rice on and around it
  • wait for half an hour and if see if any rice sticks to the packing
  • even if one rice grain sticks, then add more packing material > carbon Paper > plastic sheet > white tape > tyre tube
  • again test the pacing with untested rice for about half an hour
  • if rice does not stick BUT still changes color OR becomes powder when rubbed between your fingers, then add more packing
  • test the packing again
  • If rice does not stick, does not change color and also does not become Powder, add one more final layer of packing material > carbon papers > plastic sheet > white tape > tyre tube
  • finally put it in a wooden box
  • The rice puller should be packed by anti radiation kit four layer OR The rice puller should be packed by anti radiation glass

Now is ready in a store / carry.